Bookmarked Tabs is an attempt to create a Chrome extension that replicates the main functionality provided by the Firefox feature dubbed Panorama or Tab Candy.


Allow users to:

  • Group tabs into logical groups
  • See all tabs and reorder them quickly and easily
  • Save and restore tab groups
  • Find saved tabs
  • Sync tabs between multiple computers

I am aiming to implement these features by displaying all tabs/saved items within windows/groups in a page with JavaScript to enable actions. All pages (active or saved) will be stored as bookmarks under a special “Bookmarked Tabs” folder. The cross-computer syncing will be achieved by leveraging Chrome’s bookmark sync feature.

Current Status

  • Under active development
  • Shows all tabs in extension page with live updating
  • Allows tabs to be moved/reordered between open windows or into a new window
  • Allows tabs to be closed in groups